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Map History

Online articles about the History of Cartography

by Tony Campbell
(converted from print or written for the web)

Academia page and Twitter posts

Portolan charts

A Critical Re-examination of Portolan Charts with a Reassessment of Their Replication and Seaboard Function
(comprising about 30 separate web publications and over 120 tables and graphs)

Other Publications

[Thanks to John Woram for his patient advice over the conversion of those that are mounted on this 'Map History' site.] Others of the above articles have been reissued on the Kunstpedia site, as well as being reprinted here]

Articles in Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography:
[Private subscribers to Imago Mundi, and those with institutional access, can get access to these article via JSTOR.]

Map Thefts

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