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Map History

Images of early maps
on the web

(The only comprehensive listing of its kind, comprising several thousand annotated free links - updated monthly)

See the explanatory note about this listing of map images

click here for an argument that many web images serve no useful purpose, and also for examples of imaginative uses of online technology

This page was created on 4 February 2001 (as a single page) and split into twelve separate pages in January 2003

Last updates 4 March 2024
When checking a particular region, do not forget the Large General Sites.     If you need to read the place-names, insist on 'high res.'

For catalogues of images see also the equivalent pages in Web articles and commentaries on specific topics in the History of Cartography

You can search across all the pages in the Web Images section (and, indeed, across the entire site).
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Notes on image quality:-
  • high resolution, enabling every place-name to be easily read - search for: high res.
  • medium resolution, enabling some names to be read but not the smaller ones
  • low resolution, with almost all the names illegible
  • 'slow loading' refers to the experience with a standard 56K modem
  • For further details about quality see About the listing of early map image sites

    See the explanatory note about this listing of map images

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