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Doctorates in progress relating to the history of cartography

See also the listing of doctorates awarded since 1995

Contact lost with these candidates - the outcome is not known

This listing was mounted on 14 January 2004.   Latest updates: 30 November 2022

A note about Russian higher degrees. There are two levels: 'Candidate of Science' (roughly equivalent to a Ph.D) and 'Doctor of Science' (a higher degree, entitling the person to the Full Professor's position). All those listed below will be defended in the Institute of the History of Science and Technology's Scientific Council on the History of Geography and Geology.

Once you have your award, the details can be moved to the doctorates awarded page.

[Please notify Tony Campbell when this happens or send any corrections:]  

From July 2017 I have decided to stop actively seeking entries for the list below. Tutors rarely point it out to their doctoral students, few candidates
ask to be included, and most of my invitations are ignored. However, I am delighted to receive entries (please follow the style below)
and certainly want the parallel list of completed doctorates to be as comprehensive as possible

The expected completion date is given between square brackets
From January 2010, the date that the entry was added to this page is noted thus, {added January 2018}, which can be searched for, e.g. "2018}"

Vivienne Aldous, University of Suffolk, Ipswich and University of East Anglia (History). [Autumn 2023]. Working title: ‘The Life, Work and Influence of John Darby (c.1553-1608/9), Surveyor, Map-Maker, Artist, Protestant and Social Climber’. E-mail: V.Aldous(at)uos.ac.uk   {added July 2017}

Beatrice Blümer, University of Kassel (History). [2024]. 'Der Liber Insularum Archipelagi des Cristoforo Buondelmonti'.   Email: beatrice.bluemer(at)gmail.com       Personal webpage     {added September 2021}

LauraLee Brott, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Art History). [May 2023]. 'The Holy Land within the Manuscript: Performative Cartography in BL Add. MS 10049'. [Referring to the Tournai maps of Asia and Palestine, c.1150.] Email: lbrott(at)wisc.edu       Personal webpage   {added February 2022}

Hannah Campbell Hewson, Queens University Belfast (Geography). [2025]. Working title: ‘Cartographic Circuits of Knowledge in the ‘Age of Discovery’ (1400-1700) and their Impact on the Construction of Ocean Space’. Email: hhewson01(at) qub.ac.uk   {added November 2022}

Brenda Degger, Universidade Federal do Paraná (History). [2024]. Provisional title: 'Aqui há dragões em todo lugar: mapas literários, cartografia e mapeamento na segunda metade do século XX'. Email: brendadegger(at)gmail.com   {added December 2021}

Jacky Derrick, University College London (History). [2021]. 'Marino Sanudo: the geographical knowledge of an Italian merchant in the fourteenth century' [Including a study of the maps appended to the Secreta.] Email: sjderrick(at)blueyonder.co.uk   {added March 2015}

Sebastian Diaz Angel, Cornell University, Ithaca (History). [May 2023]. Preliminary title: 'Taming the Insurgent Tropical Landscapes: Cold War, Geographical Engineering and the Cartographies of Underdevelopment in Latin America (1960-1973)'. Email: sd785(at)cornell.edu.       Personal webpage   {added January 2017}

Deyse Cristina Brito Fabrício, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil (Instituto de Geociências. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ensino e História de Ciências da Terra). [2023]. 'Permanências do maravilhoso oceânico medieval: ilhas, monstros e outros “detalhes” na cartografia do século XVI'. Email: deysecbf(at)gmail.com       Personal webpage     { added June 2020}

Emmanuel Falguières, EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), Paris, at the Center for North-American Studies (CENA). [2023]. 'Construire l’espace, faire communauté dans le Midwest aux Etats-Unis. Une histoire spatiale et sociale des communautés rurales dans le Kansas (1890-1930)' [Constructing Space and Building Communities in the Midwest. A Social and Spatial History of Rural Communities in Kansas (1890-1930)]. [Involving different types of local maps: township plats by the federal government, county atlases by commercial publishers and vernacular cartography by the rural populations themselves.] Email: e.falguieres2016(at)gmail.com   {added January 2017}

Marissa Griffioen, University of Amsterdam, Explokart research group affiliated with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) and Allard Pierson. [2027]. 'Map Encounters: The Material Culture of Maps in the Early Modern Low Countries (1500-1800)'. Email: m.t.griffioen(at)uva.nl      Personal webpage       {added November 2022}

Guofan He, Fudan University, Shanghai (Institute of Chinese Historical Geography). [2023]. 'Marine Cartography of China in the 19th century: Medium, Method and Mapmaker'. Email: 18110760002@fudan.edu.cn   {added September 2022}

Suzie Hermán, Princeton University (Art & Archaeology). [May 2023]. (Working title) 'The Art World of the Hanse: Places, Traces, and Institutions (1517-1648)' [About the representation of the Hanse in Braun and Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum (1572-1617) and the involvement of the merchants in the production of this work]. Email: johannah(at)princeton.edu   {added February 2022}

Dina Jovanovic, Politecnico di Milano, Italy (Architecture & Cultural Heritage). [2023]. 'Digital heritage in Digital towns: Methodology for analysing historical cartography of small widespread centres in Lombardy to be used in preservation and planning projects'. Email: dina.jovanovic(at)polimi.it   {added October 2021}

Desiree Evelien Krikken, University of Groningen, Faculty of Arts, Department of Early Modern History. [2021]. "My plot, your plat, our inhabited landscape: early modern land surveyors and the record of European physical space". Email: d.e.krikken(at)rug.nl     Personal webpage   {added February 2018}

Sima Krtalic, University of Lisbon (Sciences). [ ?]. On the history of nautical cartography, as part of the MEDEA-Chart project. Email: sima.krtalic(at)gmail.com   {added January 2020}

Louise McCarthy, Université Paris Cité (Early Modern Studies). [2024]. 'Visualising abundance: promotional cartography at the hands of the East India Company and the Virginia Company (1600-1626)'. Email: l_m_mccarthy[at]yahoo.com   {added August 2022}

Lucas Montalvão Rabelo, Universidade de São Paulo (History). [2023]. Provisional title: 'Sebastião Caboto e o Discurso Renascentista: da viagem ao Brasil e ao rio da Prata à confecção do seu mapa-múndi (1525-1544)'. Email: lukas.lmr(at)hotmail.com   {added December 2021}

Karen Rann, Queens University Belfast (Geography). [2022]. Working title: ‘The art of contouring: towards a creative historical geography of contour lines in Britain and Ireland, 1778–1860’. E-mail: karenrann(at)yahoo.co.uk   {added June 2018}

Luis A. Robles Macias, Université Libre de Bruxelles (History). [2023]. Provisional title: 'Juan Vespucci: A pilot, mapmaker and merchant at the heart of Spanish exploration and conquest of America'. Email: luis.a.robles.macias(at)gmail.com   {added January 2018}

Anne-Rieke van Schaik, University of Amsterdam, Explokart research group affiliated with the Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture (AHM) and Allard Pierson. [2027]. 'Navigating through Narratives: Cartographic Storytelling in the Early Modern Low Countries (ca. 1550-1750)'. Email: j.h.c.m.vanschaik(at)uva.nl.       Personal webpage     {added November 2022}

Işin Taylan, Yale University (History). 'A History of the Atlas: Material Culture and Science in the Ottoman Empire'. [May 2022]. Email: isin.taylan(at)yale.edu   {added October 2021}

Kaan Üçsu, Istanbul University (Department of the History of Science). [2021]. ‘Tarihsel Baglaminda Cografyaci Ebu Bekir Efendi (ö. 1691) ve Atlas Maior’un Tercümesi’ [Geographer Abu Bakr Effendi (d. 1691) and the Translation of Atlas Maior into Turkish in its Historical Context]. Email: kaanucsu(at)hotmail.com   {added May 2019}


For comments and tips on resources providing "potential, current and former PhD students with all of the information necessary to thrive" see
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See also Online Ph.D. UK , 'an Advisory Centre for Ph.D.students and an international voluntary service that provides free educational
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Contact has been lost with these candidates - the outcome is not known

Jakeline Benavides Quecán, University of Groningen (Alfa-Informatica). [September 2007]. 'Measuring the Historical city: The reliability of historical land surveying methods and their use in virtual urban cartography'

Robert Engelbert, University of Ottawa. [??]. 'Beyond Borders: Mental Mapping and the French River World in North America, 1763-1805'

Ricardo A. Fagoaga-Hernández, University of California, San Diego (History). [2020]. '"En medio de una y otra América": Regions, Markets and Indigenous Economic Participation in Chiapas and Guatemala, 1750-1850'.

André Múrias Santos Ferrand de Almeida, European University Institute, Florence (History and Civilisation). [July 2006 {?}]. Provisional title: 'Religious Orders and the Organization of the Territory in the Amazon Basin (1680-1767)'.

David T. Flaherty, University of Virginia, Charlottesville (History). [2016]. 'Envisioning the British Atlantic: Strategies for Settlement and Sovereignty on the North American and Caribbean Frontiers, 1700-1763'. [Including consideration of the cartography produced for and by British officials.]

Susan Ford, Australian National University, Canberra (Classics). [July 2012]. 'The three modes by which commentators reach an understanding of spatial description in Homer and Herodotus, characterised as: a) autopsy of place; b) cartographic re- imagining; and c) via linguistic and cognitive categorisation'

Charles Neil Hoke, University of Houston (History ). [Spring 2005 {?}]. 'Conflicts and Compromises, Border Disputes and Boundary Settlements: A Study of the Evolution and History of the Political Geography of Texas, 1492 to Present'.

Robert Imes, University of Saskatchewan, Department of English. [2017]. 'Writing Geography: Early Modern English Travel Writing and the New Science'. Email: robert.imes(at)usask.ca   {added February 2015}

Meagan Loftin, University of Washington (English). [2016]. 'Inscribing the Nation: Chronicles, Maps and Chorographies in Medieval Britain'.

Lilla Lukács, Eötvös Loránd University (Cartography and Geoinformatics), Budapest, Hungary. [2009]. [The landscape-representation of maps of the Carpathian Basin.]

Valentin Mandache, The London School of Economics and Political Science (International Relations). [October 2004 {?}]. 'The Russian-Romanian geopolitical encounter in Moldova: National identity in a peripheral state' [noting particularly Chapter 2: 'Historical geography: Moldova and the Carpathian-arc region'].

Jana Phifer, University of California at Los Angeles (History). [??]. 'Carolinian Maps, 10th and 11th Century'.

Steve Emanuel Arseen Philips, Ghent University (Early modern history). [July 2007]. 'Cartografie en cartografen in de Lage Landen' [Cartography and cartographers in the Low Countries].

Mark Romans, University of Southampton (History). [Summer 2004 {?}]. 'Military Intelligence in Wellington's Army'.

Asao Sarukawa, University of East Anglia, Norwich (World Art Studies and Museology). [September 2007]. 'Representing the City in Edo Japan: Experience, Place and Environment' [dealing with early modern Japanese commercial city maps of Tokyo and Kyoto].

Olaf Petrus Nicolaas Satijn, Groningen Institute of Archaeology. [2006 {?}]. 'A socio-economic and political landscape archaeology of transition: Southern Lazio from the late Roman period to incastellamento'.

Andreas Steinsieck, Technische Universität Braunschweig (Historisches Seminar). [2008]. [War Correspondents in the South African War (1899-1902)] (including a chapter: "Öffentliche Kriegskarten. Die Bedeutung von Karten für die Rezeption des Südafrikanischen Krieges" [Public War Maps. The Role of Maps in the Public Perception of the South African War]).

              Please notify Tony Campbell [info(at)tonycampbell.info] when an award is made, so that the details can be moved to the doctorates awarded page.
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