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Forthcoming meetings - a quick chronology (2022-2024)


For further details of the events listed summarily below, for map society meetings, for individual talks,
and for past events, see John Docktor's Calendar

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For information from previous years (from 2006) link to: < http://www.maphistory.info/confplanarchive**.html > (replacing the asterisks with the last two digits of the year in question)
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September 29-1 October - St Louis, Missouri. 63rd annual meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 July 2022.

September 30-1 October - Carson, California. 'Jo Mora Days at the International Printing Museum'.

October 5-8 - Arlington, Texas. [Hybrid]. 2022 Virginia Garrett Lectures and the 39th International Symposium of the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS). A joint meeting with the Texas Map Society.

October 14-15 - Venice. [Cancelled]. Joint Cartography Conference, organised by the Brussels Map Circle and the Associazione Culturale "Roberto Almagià" - Associazione Italiana Collezionisti di Cartografia Antica.

October 19-21 - Erkner, Germany. Conference: 'Mapping “Post-Conflict” Cities' [Themes include 'methodologies employed to create, develop, communicate and analyse maps of damaged cities, with a particular interest in digital humanities methods']. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 April 2022.

October 21-22 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina. [Postponed from 17-18 September 2021] A conference: 'Cartography & Culture: Mapping the Early American South', with a focus on 'Mapping and Migration', at the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.

October 24-6 - Berlin. International symposium: ‘The Surveying Turn in Cartography: Revolutionizing maps and charts in the 18th and 19th Centuries’, organised by the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 June 2022.

November 4-5 - Mount Vernon, Virginia. The annual George Washington Symposium: 'Mapping the American Revolution' at the Fred W. Smith National Library.

November 4-6 - Chicago. 21st Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr., Lectures in the History of Cartography: Mapping as Performance (addressing the ways in which people create and share maps through action in space).

November 24-25 - Erfurt, Germany. ‘Mapping Asia: Cartography and the Construction of Territoriality’, a conference hosted by the Centre for Transcultural Studies and the Gotha Perthes Collection, Erfurt University. Deadline for Call for Papers: 17 April 2022.

November 25 - Paris. Journée d’études: 'L’histoire de la cartographie et son écriture à l’épreuve du renouvellement', Centre des colloques, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, organised by the Comité Français de Cartographie (commission ‘histoire’). Deadline for Call for Papers: 6 June 2022.


March 17 - Greenwich, Connecticut. Ephemera Society of America (ESA) annual conference: From Here to There: The Ephemera of Travel. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 September 2022.

May 5 - Los Angeles. One-day international conference: 'The Intermingling of Cartography and Literature in the Early Modern Period' The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies - Center for Early Global Studies at UCLA. Contacts: chet(dot)van(dot)duzer(at)gmail(dot)com> and Steve McCormick .

July - Lyon, France. [Postponed to 2024]. The 30th International Conference on the History of Cartography, at the Université de Lyon 3 Jean Moulin.

July 3-6 - Leeds, England. Leeds International Medieval Congress: ‘Networks and Entanglements', with a panel: England and Scotland at peace and war'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 August 2022, and for Sessions: 30 September 2022.

July 10-14 - Berlin. [In person (but with some on-line options)]. VIIth symposium of the International Society for the History of the Map (ISHMap), at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG), on the theme 'Intersections in Map History'. The co-chairs are Jordana Dym, Vera Dorofeeva-Lichtmann & Diana Lange. The symposium will be preceded by a two-day workshop. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 October 2022.

August 13-18 - Cape Town. The 19th General Assembly and the 31st International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association.

August 22-24. Helsinki. 40th International Symposium of the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS).


July 1-5 - Lyon, France. [Postponed from 2023]. The 30th International Conference on the History of Cartography, at the Université de Lyon 3 Jean Moulin.

September 4-7 - Basel. 21. Kartographiehistorische Colloquium.

October 16-19 - Valletta, Malta. 41st International Symposium of the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS)


Posting conference details (for organisers)

Those who organise conferences, seminars or symposiums are advised to post details to:-

  • AllConferences.com
  • AttendConferences
  • Calenda (a French site for the social sciences run by Revues.org, but including events outside France as well)
  • Conference Alerts: Academic Conferences Worldwide
  • Gateway for Historical Geographical-Information-Systems (GIS) in history, for Historical Cartography and for Historical Geography (his-GIS.net)
  • Transnational, Cross-regional and Global Connections (a German site which, inter alia, posts conference 'Announcements'; it is related to H-Soz-u-Kult and Clio-Online)
  • H-Maps
  • H-Net announcement. See also the H-Net Discussion Logs Search (which can be searched for all or specific lists, and for a range of dates)
  • H-Net 'call for papers'
  • H-Soz-u-Kult. 'Termine' [deadlines] (a German calendar site)
  • Maps-L
  • PapersInvited ('World's largest listing of Calls for Papers')
  • ResearchBib.Com ('Research Events' - managed from Tokyo)
  • If you need to select a date and day of the week some years ahead, consult one of the online perpetual calendars, such as Calendar Date (just adjust the year).

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