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Calendar of Deadlines in the History of Cartography

(for fellowship and prize applications, submission of paper proposals for meetings, or special issues of journals)

[Note. Most of the fellowship and prize deadlines recur annually [marked with *] and those will therefore be left on this page after the date has passed. Be aware that the date may change from one year to the next, and should always be checked. Where institutions have not yet updated their site, the previous year's deadline is left, followed by a question-mark. Otherwise, the date is followed by [C] indicating that the next deadline has been confirmed and noted or [P] for permanently fixed dates

Not surprisingly, a number of awards were put on hold during the pandemic and the relevant pages frozen.
In the hope that they will be revived, those entries have been left in.

Latest general checking: 17 September 2022


[deadline dates unknown]:

Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum (see for details of the Crone and Warnsinck Fellowships)

William and Madeline Welder Smith Travel Award (see the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History - University of Texas at Austin)

[different dates, check website]. State Library of New South Wales (various grants for Australian history, e.g. C.H. Currey, Nancy Keesing and Milt Luger Fellowships)


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