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Early Globes

Globes are known from antiquity but their modern development in the west dates from the 15th century. The study of geographical and astronomical globes involves those interested in the histories of science, geography and astronomy. Early globes are widely scattered, with some preserved in museums and galleries but many remaining in historic houses. Commercially, they are more likely to be treated as furniture or scientific instruments than as cartographic artefacts.

Globes for sale

See the website of the George Glazer Gallery , which maintains an archive of sold objects.

Facsimiles of early globes are produced by Greaves and Thomas, whose site includes commentaries on the globes they reproduce. Other reproduction globes are offered by Iris Antique Globes.

See also Marketplace.

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Globe images on the web

Apart from searching the web for specific globes or globes in general, take a look at the 'Globes' entries for relevant images in the Themes section of Images of early maps on the web.

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Virtual Globes Museum :
The Virtual Globes Museum (VGM) is a digitising project, founded in 2007 In the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University of Science, Budapest, Hungary. "More than 170 terrestrial and celestial globes are available on its website, making it one of the largest online globe collections worldwide."

Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library:
The Globenmuseum in Vienna, the only one of its kind, has a notable collection of globes. In December 2005 it moved into new premises, in Palais Mollard. For further notes and illustrations see a page from Travel Adventures. There is also a 72-page printed guide by Jan Mokre, The Globe Museum of the Austrian National Library (Vienna, Bibliophile Edition, 2005).

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich:
See Globes - search for 'globe', for details from some of the NMM's 400 globes (which range from 1537 to the present day), with accompanying descriptions.

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Reading matter

Identifying reference books General works Journals For recent publications on globes see Themes: Globes
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The International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes (Internationale Coronelli-Gesellschaft für Globenkunde) is the only society devoted to the study of historical globes. It holds Symposia every few years at a different European venue. It publishes Globe Studies: the Journal of the International Coronelli Society, and circulates an occasional newsletter, Coronelli Info (in English and German). The Society also offers the Fiorini-Haardt Prize, open to those researching pre-1945 globes and their makers, and the International Coronelli Society Prize for the Encouragement of Globe Studies (established in 2006), which embraces all aspects of globe-making up to the present.

The American Globe Preservation Society (established in 2010, based in Lynchburg, Virginia, the location of Omniterrum: The Globe Museum, which they sponsor, and 'committed to conserving the history of American globe-making'; issues an online Newsletter.

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