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General news in the history of cartography 2000
(compiled March 2001)

{This represents the third of six sections, `Institutional and General News', from the annual Chronicle of Imago Mundi, due for publication in July 2001. URLs cited in the text have not been activated and no attempt has been made to add other possible links. The intention is to show what this section looks like in the printed volume. Mounted here 25 May 2001}

Articles on the web. A regularly updated page, 'Web articles and commentaries on specific topics in the History of Cartography' < webtexts.html >, was launched in August 2000.

Auction online. Sotheby's held their auction 'Traveling the World: Maps and Atlases' online (8-21 June 2000). For leads to other online map auctions see < market.html#map sales >

Bibliothèque nationale de France. The first stage of the retroconversion (covering about 67,000 separate maps, or roughly 40% of the total) was completed. It can be searched on < http://opaline.bnf.fr/ > by author or geographical name, titleword or format. The second stage is due for completion in 2003.

Comité français de cartographie. A Commission on the 'Histoire de la cartographie' was established, with Gilles Palsky as President. Study days will be organised, with the results published in the Bulletin du Comité français de cartographie.

Directory of U.K. map collections. The fourth edition (updating the third of 1995) was mounted on the web in 2000 by the British Cartographic Society < http://www.cartography.org.uk/Pages/Publicat/Ukdir/UKDirect.html >. There is no print version..

Essay competition. The Department of History, the University of Texas at Arlington announced the 2001 Webb-Smith Essay Competition for the best research essay on Transatlantic History.

Fellowship. A two-month Arthur and Janet Holzheimer Fellowship at the Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, was announced in December 2000. The first fellow (for the 2001-2002 academic year) would focus on 1470-1640, the period covered by Volume 3 of the Madison-based History of Cartography project.

Germany. As a result of the dissolution of the German library institute, the database of pre-1850 printed maps in three German libraries (Berlin, Göttingen, Munich) has moved to the Gemeinsame Bibliotheksverbund. The database has been updated and made available again at < http://www.gbv.de/cgi-bin/nph-ikar>. Other map collections are now invited to participate, see < http://ikar.sbb.spk-berlin.de >.

Globes. The international society changed its name to 'Internationale Coronelli-Gesellschaft für Globenkunde / International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes. The new contact address, using either the German or English title, is: c/o Jan Mokre, Austrian National Library, Globe Museum, Josefsplatz 1, A-1015, Vienna, Austria.

History of Cartography. For regular progress reports on forthcoming volumes in the Madison-based project published by the University of Chicago Press, see their Newsletters < http://feature.geography.wisc.edu/histcart/ >.

Imago Mundi. The abstracts of articles since volume 48 (1996) can be found via the IM webpage < imago.html >. Piero Falchetta has now provided a complete list of article titles for the full run of IM on the Marciana Library site < http://geoweb.venezia.sbn.it/geoweb/HSL/ImagoMundi/ImagoMundi.html >. This allow you to search [Ctrl+F] for an author's name or any titleword.

International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS). Issued with the Autumn 2000 issue of the Journal was IMCoS 1980-2000: a history.

Library of Congress. The American Memory Collection of high resolution web images continues to grow steadily. Among other additions in 2000 were: The American Revolution and its era, Census Atlases, Civil War maps, Meeting of Frontiers, U.S. Railroad Maps. Also mounted on the LC site: 'The Luso-Hispanic world in maps: a selective guide to manuscript maps to 1900 in the collections of the Library of Congress' (by John R. Hébert and Anthony P. Mullan) < http://www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/luso/lusohome.html >.

'Maps and Society' lectures. The continuing series of eight winter lectures at the University of London's Warburg Institute introduced a new element in the 2000-2001 season with a ninth talk, sponsored by the Hakluyt Society.

Maps on the web.. A regularly updated page, 'Images of early maps on the web' < webimages.html >, was launched in February 2001.

Mapsellers' catalogues and the web. Richard B. Arkway, Inc., New York have started mounting past catalogues on their web site < http://www.arkway.com >, with the intention that these should stay there indefinitely.

Marly, Musée-promenade de Marly-Louveciennes (near Versailles). Agreement has been reached to house the giant Coronelli globes in the 'Musée des sciences au siècle de Louis XIV'.

Meridian: a Journal of the Map and Geography Roundtable of the American Library Association, ceased publication in 2000, with No. 16.

The Portolan. The web site for the 'Journal of the Washington Map Society' < http://users.supernet.com/pages/jdocktor/portolan.htm > now lists the contents of all past issues, with an index.

Public Record Office. The PRO is undertaking a programme of retrospective conversion of its traditional printed and card catalogues of maps, plans and architectural drawings for incorporation into its on-line catalogue (PROCAT). Many existing entries are being augmented, corrected or revised in the course of the project. The first series are expected to become available later in 2001.

Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers). In February 2001 it was announced that a £4.5 million funding bid for 'Unlocking the Archives' had been successful. This will involve major building works and the retroconversion of the catalogues of the Library, Map Room, Picture Library, Artefacts and Archives. As a result, the collections will be closed from June 2001 until about September 2002.

Swiss Federal Office of Topography. The map collection is being progressively catalogued, since April 1999, and the results mounted on the web < http://www.swisstopo.ch/en/maps/ak/INDEX.htm >.

Waldseemüller map. The Washington Post (19 Ocober 2000) reported that the Library of Congress is trying to raise $14 million to buy the 1507 Waldseemüller wall-map of the world, the first to name 'America', the 1516 'Carta marina', and two incomplete sets of celestial gores by Johannes Schöner. On this, see also IMCoS Journal 84 (2001), pp.5-7.

Wiliam P. Cumming Map Society was founded in November 2000 at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

World directory of map collections, compiled and edited by Olivier Loiseaux, on behalf of the Section of Geography and Map Libraries, International Federation of Library Associations, was issued as IFLA Publication No. 92/93 in January 2001 (ISBN 3-598-21818-4). It lists 714 collections from 121 countries.

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