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Imago Mundi

Imago Mundi
The International Journal for the History of Cartography

Please see the Imago Mundi section of the Routledge/Taylor & Francis (Informa) website for all matters relating to the publication and sale of the journal, online access and searching, alerting, and advertising. Back issues in print form are available from Periodicals Service Company and Schmidt Periodicals GmbH.

Since 2004, the full-text back issues of the first 54 volumes (1935-2002) have been available for searching and browsing on JSTOR, the not- for-profit online digital archive. Subscribers at libraries or institutions that participate in JSTOR’s Arts & Sciences VII Collection may access the back issues directly by visiting the JSTOR website. Since 2005, all current individual subscribers have been provided with free password access to Imago Mundi’s back issues (including 25 years of the subject’s Bibliography [accessible by selecting 'Articles' on the JSTOR search screen]) by logging into JSTOR. Subscribers will receive a username and password from Routledge as a benefit of subscription.

Announcement about a publishing partnership with Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis, now Informa, group), December 2002

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