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Forthcoming meetings - a quick chronology (2015-2017)


For further details of the events listed summarily below, for map society meetings, for individual talks,
and for past events, see John Docktor's Calendar

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April 15 - Greenwich, London. An 'editathon', organized by the National Maritime Museum and the British chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation devoted to editing Wikipedia articles on Longitude. Participation is invited.

April 17-18 - Perth. International Map Collectors' Society's Spring Break in Scotland.

April 17-19 - Esslingen an Neckar, Germany. The 10th International Atlas Day 2015 - Workshop and Weekend at Salemer Pfleghof. Contact: Reinhard Urbanke (r.urbanke (at) kabelbw.de)

April 23-25 - London. William Smith Meeting 2015 – '200 Years of Smith’s Map', History of Geology Group of the Geological Society of London. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 August 2014.

Aprl 29-1 May - Canberra. 'The Power of Maps', ANZMapS 2015 joint conference with the Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia, at the National Library of Australia.

May 1-4 - London. 70th Anniversary International Conference of the London Medieval Society. Medieval London & the World. Among the suggested themes, 'Mapping & Geography'. Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 May 2014.

May 2 - Stanford. Annual Northern California meeting of the California Map Society, at the Hartley Conference Center.

May 14-15 – Washington. Annual meeting of the Philip Lee Phillips Society, at the Library of Congress, 'Finding the Antipodes: The Cartographic History of Polar Exploration from 1500 to the Present'.

May 14-17 - Kalamzoo, Michigan. Two proposed panels: 'Rethinking Medieval Maps I: The Unmapped, Marginalized and Fictitious' and 'Rethinking Medieval Maps II: Evidence for the Use and Re-Use of Maps', convened by Laura Whatley and Chet Van Duzer, for the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 September 2014.

May 27-9 - Corfu. 10th International Workshop, Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, organised by the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage in cooperation with the History Department of the Ionian University.

May 29-31 -York. Place and Space in the Medieval World Conference. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 January 2015.

June 8-12 - Porto, Portugal. Connected Oceans: New Avenues of Research in Oceans and Maritime History. Deadline for Call for Papers: 30 March 2015.

June 27 - Newbury, Berkshire. The Defence Surveyors' Association. Ninth "Maps & Surveys" Annual Seminar on historical hydroraphic and milirary surveying, charting and mapping, at the Royal School of Military Survey, Denison Barracks, Hermitage near Newbury. Contact Mike Nolan: maptnolan(at)gmail.com

June 29-July 3 - London. 'Maps and Mapping before 1900', a one-week, intensive course - part of the London Rare Books School (LRBS) - run by Catherine Delano Smith and Sarah Tyacke with invited specialists.

July 5-10 - London. A session, convened by Keith Lilley and Catherine Porter, 'Digital mappings and historical geographies', at the International Conference of Historical Geographers 2015, Royal Geographical Society (with The Institute of British Geographers), Deadline for Call for Papers: 5 September 2014. Also a second proposed panel, convened by Dean Bond and Madalina Veres, 'Geographies of Early Modern War', Deadline for Call for Papers: 1 September 2014.

July 6-9 - Leeds. International Medieval Congress, sessions on 'Mappings' to be organised by Felicitas Schmieder & Dan Terkla. Deadline for Call for Papers: 20 September 2014.

July 8-11 - London. The Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries, at the University of London. Deadline for Call for Papers: 14 January 2015.

July 12-17 - Antwerp, Belgium. 26th International Conference on the History of Cartography , under the main heading: 'Theatre of the World in Four Dimensions / Space-Time-Imagination-Spectacle'. Inspiration was derived from the title of the very first modern atlas, which was published in 1570 by the Antwerp mapmaker Abraham Ortelius. Deadline for Call for Papers: 15 October 2014.

July 26-31 - Washington, D.C. A Rare Book School course, 'From Manuscript to Woodblock: The Art and Science of Cartography from Ptolemy to the Age of Copernicus, 200-1550 CE', taught by John Hessler at the Library of Congress.

August 17-21 - Moscow. Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union, 'Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth', at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Alexey Postnikov is a local convener of the History of Geography and Geopolitics Sessions (postnikov@comtv.ru).

August 20-21 - Rio de Janeiro. Pre-Conference Symposium on Atlases, Topography and the History of Cartography, organized by the ICA's Commission on the History of Cartography. [All papers on the History of Cartography will be presented on Thursday 20 August.]

August 23-28 - Rio de Janeiro. 27th International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association.

September 1-October 13 - Charlottesville. a 6-week course by Joel Kovarsky, 'The Roles of Old Maps: History, Art, Cartography and the Building of Nations', at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Virginia.

September 23-26. Dresden. 13th Symposium of the International Coronelli Society for the Study of Globes, in cooperation with the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon. Deadline for Call for Papers: 31 March 2015.

October 3 - Arlington. Fall meeting of the Texas Map Society, at the University of Texas at Arlington Library.

October 19-21 - Cape Town. International Symposium of the International Map Collectors' Society, '400 Years of cartography of travels to and in Southern Africa, from the Portuguese explorers (c. 1500) to the Boer War (c. 1900)', at the Centre for the Book, National Library of South Africa. Deadline for Call for Papers: 5 September 2014.

November 20 - La Courneuve, France. Journée d'étude, 'La cartographie des traités (XVe-XXe siècle)', organized by the Commission ‘Histoire’ du Comité Français de Cartographie (CFC) and the Archives diplomatiques. Deadline for Call for Papers: 25 May 2015.

December 12 - Brussels. The Brussels Map Circle, International Conference: 'Turkey', at the Royal Library, part of the Europalia events.


October 6-9 – Arlington, Texas. The University of Texas at Arlington will host the 10th Biennial Virginia Garrett Lectures on the History of Cartography. Additional information from Ben Huseman: huseman@exchange.uta.edu


July 2-7 - Washington, D.C. The 28th International Cartographic Conference of the International Cartographic Association, at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.

July 9-14 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 27th International Conference on the History of Cartography.


Posting conference details (for organisers)

Those who organise conferences, seminars or symposiums are advised to post details to:-

  • AllConferences.com
  • AttendConferences
  • Calenda (a French site for the social sciences run by Revues.org, but including events outside France as well)
  • Centre de Recherche sur la Littérature des Voyages (CRLV)
  • Conference Alerts: Academic Conferences Worldwide
  • DIGMAP 'Relevant Events' (focusing more on current map and library conferences)
  • Early Modern England Source (submission forms)
  • Gateway for Historical Geographical-Information-Systems (GIS) in history, for Historical Cartography and for Historical Geography (his-GIS.net)
  • History.transnational (a German site which, inter alia, posts conference announcements - see Deadlines; it is related to H-Soz-u-Kult and Clio-Online)
  • H-Net announcement. See also the H-Net Discussion Logs Search (which can be searched for all or specific lists, and for a range of dates)
  • H-Net 'call for papers'
  • HoBo Events (conferences, book fairs, lectures and seminars in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Edinburgh & elsewhere)
  • H-Soz-u- Kult. 'Termine' [deadlines] (a German calendar site)
  • PapersInvited ('World's largest listing of Calls for Papers')
  • ResearchBib.Com ('Research Events' - managed from Tokyo)
  • If you need to select a date and day of the week some years ahead, consult one of the online perpetual calendars, such as Calendar Date.

    Other ways of publicising a conference:

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