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University of London
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Lectures in the history of cartography convened by Catherine Delano-Smith (Institute of Historical Research), Peter Barber (formerly Map Library, British Library), Alessandro Scafi (Warburg Institute) and Philip Jagessar (King’s College London). Meetings are normally held on selected Thursdays at the Warburg Institute at 5.00 pm (admission free). Meetings are followed by refreshment. All are welcome. Enquiries: c.delano-smith@qmul.ac.uk.

Circumstances are still not normal, though, and although we are anxious to return to the usual in-person meetings as soon as possible, uncertainty over the continuing pandemic means that only some meetings are scheduled to be in-person and that even these may have to be switched to be remote should conditions dictate.

Those planning to attend a meeting (there is no charge) please consult the Warburg Institute's What's On page to register and, for the remote meetings, to be sent a link with guidelines.

In all cases, however, do please CHECK ONLINE for the location and form of each meeting in case of last-minute changes.




November 24. Dr Danielle Gravon (Director of Exhibitions, Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Adjunct Faculty, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN). ‘Gerhard Mercator and geographia sacra: Biblical mapping during the sixteenth-century image debates’ (in-person)

December 8. Šima Krtalic (PhD candidate in the History and Philosophy of Sciences and researcher in the MEDEA-Chart ERC project, University of Lisbon). ‘Rethinking accuracy: the graphical language and geometric aesthetics of late medieval nautical charts’ ( (in-person)


January 26. Drs Anne-Rieke van Schaik (Research assistant, Explokart Research Program, University of Amsterdam). ‘Old News? Time, Memory and Conflict in Story Maps of the Dutch Revolt (c.1630–1640) Made in Amsterdam and Antwerp’. (remote - GMT)

March 2. Dr Bertie Mandelblatt (George S. Parker II '52 Curator of Maps and Prints, John Carter Brown Library, Providence, Rhode Island). ‘Mapping Revolution, Mapping Slavery: the Vicomte de Rochambeau and Cartographic Dreams of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in the Caribbean’. Speaker from the Hakluyt Society (remote - GMT)

April 27. Laura Lee Brott (PhD Candidate in Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison). ‘The graphics of knowledge in the twelfth-century Tournai maps of Asia and Palestine’ (in-person)

May 18. Dr Leonardo Ariel Carrió Cataldi (CNRS Researcher, LARHRA, Lyon). ‘Magnetism Matters: Early Modern Commerce, Practices and Frameworks in the Iberian Empires’ (remote - BST)

Meetings in London, when these are physically possible, are generously supported by the
Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association’s Educational Trust and the International Map Collectors’ Society

If you are interested in the details of talks since the 11th Series in 2001 enter this formula:
< http://www.maphistory.info/_archive/mslecs**.html >
replacing the asterisks with the last two figures of the year in which that series started

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