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Page created 9 April 2006

No comprehensive collections of quotations about maps exist.
This page therefore tries to pinpoint the best print and web resources for them.
Be aware that some searches will retrieve exactly what you ask for, e.g. 'map'; others will allow you to truncate, or will do that automatically, so that entering 'map' will give you 'maps', 'mapping', etc.

Quotations on the web

Map Quotations on the web

If you already have the important words from a map quotation, you should find it via Google, though you would need to check the accuracy of the wording afterwards.

There is no single source on the web for quotations about earlier maps, but see the following:

Quotations in general on the web

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Map quotations in print

The following collections or selections appeared in print:

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Online texts

Another approach is to search out your own literary references to maps, aided by the increasing volume of digitised early texts. Much of this is freely available on the web. Other web collections, such as Thomson's 'Eighteenth Century Collection Online' and the NetLibrary, are accessible only via a library. You could frequently use this route to check up on a quotation whose author and book title you already knew.

Searching in hope across, say, the entire work of an author, or even wider than that, seems usually not to be possible. However, Google Book Search returned hits for the word 'map' from over 2 million books in February 2006, from whatever source material it is using. Worth particular mention are:

The situation is fluid, with new ventures being announced every few months. Instead of trying to list and describe other major resources, here are a few gateways that can take you to them. The sites they link to include material in languages other than English.
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I am most grateful for information and advice received from Joel Kovarsky, but any faults are my own

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