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Biographical Dictionaries

It is always worth consulting general biographical dictionaries, both universal and national. For online sources, see the People section of the Special Topics page. The following are the major specialist sources:

Sarah Bendall, Dictionary of Land Surveyors and Local Cartographers of Great Britain and Ireland 1530-1850, 2 vols (London: British Library, 1997). [A much extended revision of the First Edition by P. Eden, 1979].

Wilhelm Bonacker, Kartenmacher aller Länder und Zeiten (Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1966). [Comprising bio-bibliographical references on the most important people in the subject.]

Robert W. Karrow, Jr, Mapmakers of the Sixteenth Century and Their Maps: Biobibliographies of the Cartographers of Abraham Ortelius, 1570 (Winnetka, Illinois: for The Newberry Library by Speculum Orbis Press, 1993). [An extraordinarily comprehensive approach, simultaneously biographical, carto-bibliographical, bibliographical and historiographical. Esssential for almost any aspect of research on the sixteenth century.]

Monique Pelletier (ed), `How to identify a mapmaker:an international bibliographic guide/ Comment identifier un cartographe: guide bibliographique internationale' (Tring: Map Collector Publications; Paris: ComitÚ franšais de cartographie, 1996 [for the International Cartographic Association]. [Including national bibliographies of biographical dictionaries and other relevant works.]

Valerie Scott (ed.), Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers. 4 volumes (Tring: Map Collector Publications, and latterly Jonathan Potter Ltd [Europe] and Map Sage [USA], 1999-2004). [An extensive revision of the work by R.V. Tooley, originally published in 1979, with a supplement in 1985, providing summary information on a large number of people].

Sarah Tyacke, London Map-Sellers 1660-1720 (Tring: Map Collector Publications, 1978).

Vladimiro Valerio, Società, uomini e istituzioni cartografiche nel mezzogiorno d'Italia (Florence: Istituto Geografico Militare, 1993). [Includes biographies of about 200 people involved with the cartography of S. Italy.]

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