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comprising literature since 1986 (and missed earlier publications)
as well as references for all the portolan chart webpages

Mounted on the web 7 March 2011 (and updated subsequently on a regular basis)

This prints out to over 90 pages

It would be marvellous to have a complete bibliography of the subject. Realistically, this is not going to happen. Portolan charts have been widely discussed for several centuries. The literature is vast. My own references from the 1980s must run to several thousand entries; there are more than 100 for the letter 'B' alone. So, to attempt what is possible, this listing started by restricting itself to the period after completion of work on my chapter in the History of Cartography (University of Chicago Press, 1987). This should not be seen as dismissive of earlier studies. Indeed, the majority of works cited in any publication today will probably (with good reason) prove to be much earlier than my starting date here.

However, because of my widening current interest in portolan chart toponymy across the two later centuries, this bibliography has expanded to include relevant earlier publications as well as those dealing with post-1501 place-names.

The listing may therefore seem unbalanced, since many major early works have been omitted. Nevertheless, it is true to its stated sub-purpose, namely to provide a single bibliography for this whole group of webpages.

I am very grateful to Enrique García Sánchez for alerting me to additional material and, particularly, to online versions of those and of other works.


{Update note 22 September 2016}

I wrote above, five years ago, that 'it would be marvellous to have a complete bibliography of the subject.' Well, it seems we now have one:

Enrique García Sánchez. Cartografía náutica medieval: Una síntesis bibliográfica (Academia.edu, 15 August 2016). [A major, very up to date, partially annotated, classified bibliography of the subject, spread over 105 pages. With its comprehensive coverage of both current and past works, it should, from now on, be considered the place to start any investigation. It is arranged in seven sections: 1. Obras generales (p.3); 2. Testimonios sobre cartografía náutica en fuentes medievales (p.44); 3.Cartas náuticas en obras literarias y geográfico-históricas (p.54); 4.Cartógrafos (p.60); 5. Cartas anónimas (p.84); 6. Los primeros portulanos escritos (p.98); and 7. Cartas islámicas (p.102); with numerous other sub-categories.]


For details of significant works published before 1986 see:

For a quick round-up of general titles see:
If you know of any other relevant references please notify

the editor of this page, Tony Campbell:  

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This listing will not be comprehensive because I had not been systematically collecting bibliographical citations since 1986. However, it depends to a considerable extent on the annual Bibliography in Imago Mundi (compiled meticulously by Francis Herbert up to 2004, then by Nick Millea, until Wouter Bracke temporarily substituted (2010-12), and by Nick Millea thereafter), on the bibliography to Ramon Pujades's major work of 2007, on the listing in the online Bibliographia Cartographica, and to the references cited in a handful of other recent titles. For these reasons it is likely to have picked up most of the relevant literature. This is particularly true for the period from 1994 (vol. 46) when a Subject index was included in the Imago Mundi Bibliography [check 'Charts' and then, from 2000 onwards (i.e., vol. 52), 'Charts: Portolan']. The occasional quoted notes are taken from the Herbert and Millea commentaries. For the full analytical entries see the original text.

This listing concentrates on works dealing directly with the charts and their makers, on the regions covered by them, or on closely related matters, such as navigation and toponymy. The full Pujades bibliographies (2007, 2009) should certainly be consulted, especially for the large Catalan and Spanish literature on the subject. This applies particularly to the documentary work carried out by his countrymen, especially Gabriel Llabrés [19th century, see Pujades p.343], Gabriel Llompart and Jaume Riera. None of this is sufficiently well known in the English-speaking world.

The Pujades listing is also strong on works about such related themes as notarial inventories, mariners, travellers and itineraries, trade and economics, language and literacy, mathematics, and the role of the Jews.

For about 800 references to German literature on nautical charts, see Wolfgang Köberer, Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Navigation in deutscher Sprache. Bibliographien aus dem Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseum, Band II. (Bremerhaven & Wiefelstede: Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum & Oceanum Verlag, 2011). [The online link is to a version updated with about 50 new entries, 'Nachträge und Ergänzungen', in 2018.]

Online texts
The literature is highly specialised and usually not in English. Little seems to be online, although some journals may be available on the web via subscribing libraries, and it is likely that some of these texts are, or will be, available via Google Books or other online text providers. This certainly applies to Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography. Any online publications and online conversions of earlier texts that have been noticed, are incorporated into the single listing below.

Subject indexing
Where publications are, or are assumed to be, about particular themes, regions, chartmakers or collections a reference has been added at the appropriate point in the update page to the 'Chapter' in the History of Cartography (1987). Likewise, works that refer to an individual chart are cross-referenced under the appropriate numbered entry in the update page to the 'Census' (1986).

Doctoral dissertations
Search for 'portolan' (or perhaps 'portulan') in the list of Doctorates in progress relating to the history of cartography to identify those currently working on some aspect of portolan chart history. The dissertation details of those who have completed their doctorates are included in the listing below.

I have not consulted many of the works listed below nor do I necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in those publications I have read.

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Anonymous works

XIV-XVIII yüzyil portolan ve deniz haritalan: Istanbul Topkapi Sarayi Müzesi ve Venedik Correr Müzesi koleksiyonlanudan / Portolani e carte nautiche XIV-XVIII secolo: dalle collezioni del Museo Correr, Venezia [&] Museo del Topkapi, Istanbul (Istanbul: Italyan Külür Merkezi, 1994). [An exhibition catalogue, in Turkish and Italian]. (Featuring material from Venice, Correr and Istanbul, Topkapi).

'L'Afrique dans les cartes majorquines (XIVe-XVe siècles). A propos d'un ouvrage récent', Le Moyen Age (1985): 93-6. [Evidently referring to Yoro K. Fall's L'Afrique à la naissance de la cartographie moderne: les cartes majorquines, XIVe-XVe siècles (Paris, 1982).]

[Atlas. Bulgarian lands in the European cartographic tradition (III-XIX centuries.] / Atlas. Blgarskite zemli v evropeyskata rartografska tradicia (III-XIX). Sofia: Tangra TanNakRa izdatelska kucsha ood, 2008. [In Bulgarian and English, including charts of the Black Sea from the National Library of Bulgaria.]

L'Atlas Català de Cresques Abraham (Barcelona: Diafora, 1975) - see under Llompart, 2005(b).

Biblioteca Estense (Modena). 2004. Antichi planisferi e portolani: Modena, Biblioteca estense universitaria. Scriptorium Tesori delle biblioteche italiane 3 (Modena: Il Bulino; Milan: Y. Press, 2004). [Facsimile, with commentary and list of place-names, of, among others, the Catalan Estense world map, with high resolution scans on a CD that can be acquired separately.]
    -- 2004. Collezione Portolani. Antiche carte nautiche della Biblioteca Estense Universitaria (Modena: Il Bulino, 2004).[Facsimiles with commentary - Census 93-5.].
    -- 2002. Portolani : antiche carte nautiche C.G.A.5.b, c, d della Biblioteca Estense universitaria, with commentary by Mauro Bini (Modena: Il Bulino, 2002-2003?).

Biblioteca Nacional de España. 'Cartas portulanas Las cartas portulanas, también llamadas cartas de navegación o cartas náuticas ...' (17 enlargeable Flickr photographs - samples from their collection of 16th century atlases and loose charts).

Bibliothèque nationale de France. 'Cartes et atlas-portulans conservés dans les collections publiques françaises [Document cartographique imprimé et manuscrit], [1290-1795 ca]'. There is a bibliography and brief project description of the continuing massive effort (2010-12) to catalogue all the approximately 600 portolan charts and atlases preserved in France (about 500 of them in the BnF; the rest in another 30 or so institutions) and place them on the Gallica website. See also 'Les cartes marines sur parchemin'
        For comments about access to the BnF's online scans see here.
    -- 'Ciel et Terre. L'Atlas Catalan' (online text and illustrations of the Catalan Atlas - Census 28; also select 'Portulans' for brief notes with low resolution illustrations of the Carte Pisane, Vesconte atlas (1313 ), Dulcert [Dulceti] chart (1339) and Viladesters chart (1413) - ['port1' to 'port4'; respectively Census nos 14, 25, 13, 11]).
    -- ‘Les mappemondes: une image médiévale du monde. Vision du monde’ (an online essay on mappaemundi and portolan charts, illustrated with enlargeable details).

Cartografia Mallorquina (Barcelona; Diputació de Barcelona, 1995). [Brief notes and illustrations of the 1468 Benincasa (Servera) and the undated Biblioteca Vivot charts (Census 129 & E14A), pp.14-17.]

Cornaro Atlas, a careful Wikipedia page (when consulted it had been last modified 9 September 2011).

Europeana. Portolan charts' (595 medium resolution images, as of September 2017)

Exposicion de cartografia mallorquina (Madrid: Servicio Geográfico del Ejército for Eurocarto VIII, 1990). [Mostly items from the Fund. Bartomeu March Servera for the meeting of the International Cartographic Association; featuring Census 129 (1468 Benincasa atlas)? and E.14(A)]

Guida generale degli archivi di stato italiani (Rome: Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali, 1981- ). [5 vols were originally planned.]

Hispanic Society of America. Cinco séculos de exploración (Fundacion Caixa Galicia, 2005). [An exhibition in Galicia of charts from the HSA - essentially an updating of Stevenson's 1911 catalogue, with colour reproductions].

An Historical Atlas of Islam - first edition by William C. Brice (Leiden: 1981); second edition (revised and enlarged) by Hugh Kennedy (Leiden: Brill, 2001). [Including transliterations of the names from the chart in al-Sharafi's 1571 atlas that covers the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.]

Huntington Library, see under Dutschke.

Lexikon zur Geschichte der Kartographie: von den Anfängen bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg, ed. Ingrid Kretschmer, Johannes Dörflinger & Franz Wawrik. 2 vols (Vienna: Deuticke, 1986). [See, for example, 'Italienische Kartographie' [V. Valerio], 'Katalanisch-mallorcinische Kartographie' [L. Martín-Méras], 'Pisaner Karte' and 'Portolan' [I. Raynaud-Nguyen].

Library of Congress. 'Re-Examining the Portolan Chart: History, Navigation and Science' [235-minute webcast of the talks given by Evelyn Edson, Alison Sandman, Richard Pflederer, John Hessler and Fenella France, at the Library of Congress on 21 May 2010; requires RealPlayer].

Libro del conosçimiento de todos los rregnos et tierras et señorios que son por el mundo, et de las señales et armas que han (Zaragoza: Institución Fernando el Católico & Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza, 1999). [Facsimile edition with commentary by María Jesús Lacarra, María del Carmen Lacarra Ducay & Alberto Montaner.]

El libro del conoscimiento de todos los reinos = The Book of Knowledge of All Kingdoms, edited and translated by Nancy F. Marino (Tempe, 1999).

Medea-Chart. The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Chart: Birth, Evolution and Use ["a research project on the History of Nautical Cartography, funded by the European Research Council. It was awarded to Dr Joaquim Alves Gaspar in September 2016, and will take place between September 2017 and August 2022 in the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Sciences." The interactive database contains digital images and information about medieval and early modern nautical charts from about 1250 onwards]. See 'Chart of the Week - brief bilingual notes in English and Portuguese, by Bruno Almeida, Šima Krtalić, Gregory McIntosh, et al..

Navigare e descrivere: isolari e portolani del Museo Correr (the introduction and objects list of an exhibition at the Museo Correr, Venice, 1 December 2001-1 April 2002 - only the 1318 Vesconte atlas was featured. Census 120).

I nomi di Rovigno nelle Carte e Portolani tra il XIV ed il XVII secolo. [Listing 17 variant forms for the name of the Croatian town, Grad Rovinj - by Virgilio Xoomer?]

Portolano per i naviganti ([Venice: Bernardino Rizo de Novaria, 1490] - choose TIFF or PDF format via 'Téléchargement de l'ouvrage' for the facsimile of the portolano text from the Bibliothèque nationale de France's "Gallica")

Portolans procedents de col.leccions espanyoles see under Rosselló i Verger (1995).

Ports and landing places at the Balkan coasts of the Byzantine Empire (4th-12th century). Monuments and technology, economy and communication - Project outline. [A collaborative project, evidently centred in Vienna, 2011 or later, covering the coastlines between Dalmatia and the Danube delta, i.e., the eastern Adriatic, Aegean and round to the western Black Sea, with a bibliography.]

Portugal Brazil: the Age of Atlantic Discoveries (Lisbon: Bertrand Editora; Milan: Franco Maria Ricci; New York: Brazilian Cultural Foundation, 1990). [Accompanying an exhibition at the New York Public Library, June-September 1990; reproducing the following: "Perrinus Vesconte c. 1325", an 'anonymus lender' p.33 (Census E.18); Catalan Atlas pp.34-5 (west section Census 28); 1492 Aguiar pp.38-9 (Census 146); a group after p.80: 1424 Pizzigano (Census 141); sheets from the 1463 & 1468 Benincasa atlases (Census 45 & 43); Soligo chart from the Cornaro Atlas (Census 52); 'c.1485' Reinel (Census 5).]

Project ANSER, 'ANciennes routeS maritimEs méditeRranéennes'. [An archaeological investigation of the ancient ports and anchorages of the western Mediterranean, which appears to have issued publications but may no longer [2011] be active.]

Das Seebuch. [An online facsimile, mounted by the Deutches Shiffahrtsmuseum, Bremerhaven, with translation into English and German, of the sailing directions for the Baltic and the Atlantic coasts of Europe, written c. 1470 but based on an original of the first half of the 14th century. Arranged in a series of geographical sequences, it adds information on tides, depths and descriptions of the seabed to what would be found in a normal portolano. On this see also Albrecht Sauer, Das Seebuch - the Oldest Northwest Sailing Directions: An Important Source for the History of Navigation and its New Online Edition, 2008.]

Świat Ptolemeusza - włoska kartografia renesansowa w zbiorach Biblioteki Narodowej Wystawa w stulecie urodzin Jana Zarmoyskiego (Warsaw: Biblioteka Narodowa, 2012). [Includes, pp.205-53 notes in Polish by Lucyna Szaniawska and full reproduction of the 1554 Freducci and 1583 Millo atlases.]

Terrae Cognitae. La cartografia delle collezioni sabaude. Catalogue of the exhibition in the Biblioteca Reale di Torino (19 November 2007 to 31 January 2008), edited by Maria Letizia Sebastiani & Clara Vitulo, with a portfolio of selected items (Census E.4).

Tesouros da cartografia portuguesa (Lisbon: Comissão Nacional para as Comemoraçôes dos Descobrimentos Portugueses, 1997), pp. 68-71, 118-19, nos.21-23. [Exhibition at the Instituto dos Arquivos / Torre do Tombo, July-August 1997 for the ICHC.] (Census 126, E.8(A), E.9(A), E.10(A)).

Venezia e la nuova 'oikoumene'. Cartografia del Quattrocento / Venedig und die neue 'Oikoumene'. Kartographie im 15. Jahrhundert, Ingrid Baumgärtner & Piero Falchetta (eds) (Rome, Venice: Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani, 2016).

[Update, 29 December 2017: There is now a brief and wholly indequate general entry for 'Portolan chart', last updated 19 September 2017. This needs to be replaced with a substantive and up-to-date entry. Any volunteers? The Italian version seems to be similar.]

When consulted on 9 September 2011, a number of entries on portolan charts and their makers were found (most of them recent). These can be best accessed via the subject heading Cartography, the List of Cartographers or such general headings as Majorcan Cartographic School . As usual with such unsigned articles, the reader must make up their own mind as to their quality. Most are brief - some no more than 'stubs' marking space for a future contribution. There seem to be at least two people involved. The main difference is that some entries refer to the latest research, by Ramon Pujades and this site, while others, in both their references and comments, look back to the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

Some of the shorter entries can be useful as pointers to online illustrations - an example is that for the Bodleian Library's Douce atlas:

Luis A. Robles Macias has pointed out other relevant Wikipedia entries (private communication 27 September 2018): In addition, there are at least two personal research sites on Wikipedia relating to portolan charts. One, written by 'Portolanero' [also here], includes historical and cartometric analyses of the Carte Pisane and the 1367 Pizigani chart, as well as investigating the 'problem of the portolan charts'.

The other, 'Walrasiad', offers a general History of the Portolan [i.e. portolan chart]. The article is clearly unfinished. It is a wide-ranging survey, including the most recent, thorough sources, although some of their more significant findings have not been appreciated. The same author has prepared a series of Wikipedia articles. See their User page under 'Cartography'. Some of the entries have the prefix 'adj', which I suspect refers to adjunta/adjunto, i.e. contributor, in the Portuguese that appears to be the author's native language. [Seen 25 October 2011.]

The unreferenced Maghreb placename etymology includes a small selection of Arabic words some of which appear in portolan chart names for North Africa [seen 26 December 2011].

Wind roses. ‘La rosa de los vientos en nuestros mapas’ (an analysis, in Spanish, of wind or compass roses found on nautical charts, with a number of examples - GIS & Beers, 27 January 2018)

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Authored works

Abulafia, David. The Great Sea: a Human History of the Mediterranean (Oxford University Press, 2011)

Aczel, Amir D. The Riddle of the Compass (San Diego; New York: Harcourt Books, 2001). [Also: L'enigma della bussola: l'invenzione che ha cambiato il mondo (Milan, 2005.]

Aggeev, Fedor Mihajlovic. 2016. Origin of portulans and accurate ancient maps ([Moscow]: State University of Land Use Planning, 2016). [53 pages.]
    -- 2013. Anticnaâ geodeziâ i proishoždenie portulanov [Antique geodesy and the origin of portolan maps] (Moscow, 2013).

Agnarsdóttir, Anna (ed.). 'Voyages and Exploration in the North Atlantic from the Middle Ages to the XVIIth Century', Papers Presented at the 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Oslo 2000 (Institute of History, University of Iceland, 2000).

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Almagià, Roberto. Monumenta cartographica Vaticana. 4 vols (Rome: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, 1944-55). [Vol.1 pp.25- compares the names along the Black Sea coast and around Asia Minor to Libya on the 1339 Dulcert [Dulceti], British Library 25691, Catalan Atlas, 1385 Soler and 1413 Viladestes (Census 13, 48, 28, 66 & 11).]

Almeida, Bruno. 2022. A Carta de Navegar: Antologia de Textos (1464-1599) (Lisbon: Althum. com, 2022).
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Alves Gaspar, Joaquim. See under Gaspar

Amaral, Joaquim Ferreira do. Pedro Reinel me fez: à volta de um mapa dos descobrimentos (Lisbon: Quetzal Editores, 1995).

Andrade, Rui Silvestre de. 2016. Doações reais de ilhas imaginárias. A sua representação cartográfica no mare oceanum (Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Letras, 30 June 2016). [About the mythical Atlantic islands north of the Canaries.]
    -- 2014. 'The Pizzigano´s nautical chart of 1424. Controvérsia sobre mitos e realidade de um portolano quatrocentista'. Conference: Jornadas do Mar 2014. Escola Naval, Lisboa, 2014. [A revisiting of Armando Cortesão's 1953 Imago Mundi article - Census 141.]

Andrews, Michael C. 'The boundary between Scotland and England in the Portolan charts', Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 60 (1925-6): 36-66). [32-page pdf file of the influential early article].

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    -- 1996. 'Images et représentations dans la cartographie du bas Moyen Âge, in: Spazi, tempi, misure e percorsi nell'Europa del basso medioevo. Atti del XXXII convegno storico internazionale (Todi, 8-11 ottobre 1995 - organised by the Centro italiano di studi sul basso medioevo - Accademia Tudertina) (Spoleto, 1996) pp. 129-53.
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    -- for various articles on ancient navigation see his Academia page.

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Cadamosto see Verrier

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    -- 2021. Index to selected topics covered in the portolan chart pages (a Microsoft Word table)
    -- 2021. Mediterranean portolan charts: their origin in the mental maps of medieval sailors, their function and their early development (an extended essay).
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    -- 2015 [ongoing]. Listing and analysis of portolan chart toponyms along the continuous coastline from Dunkirk to Mogador (early 14th to late 17th century) including the transcribed names from the 'Liber de existencia riveriarum' and 'Lo compasso de navegare' as well as the Carte Pisane and Cortona chart (a much expanded and revised version of the 2013 Excel spreadsheet).
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    -- 2012 [ongoing]. The introduction and abandonment of toponyms on portolan charts, 1300 to 1600 (an extended essay with accompanying tables and graphs)
    -- 2011 [ongoing]. A critical re-examination of portolan charts with a reassessment of their replication and seaboard function. (A book-length collection of essays, notes and analysis, on 20 webpages and over 80 tables and graphs) {Note: it was previously '... re-examination of early portolan charts ...' but was altered in February 2012 to take account of the toponymic examination that extended into the 17th century}
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