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The best way to keep up with what is happening now is to subscribe (free of charge) to the MapHist discussion list. For details of both current and forthcoming events see John Docktor's Calendars of Events and Exhibitions. These also provide links to archives of past events and to exhibitions, arranged by year.

Also look regularly at 'The Map Room: a weblog about maps' (run, since 2001, by Jonathan Crowe). This picks up news from other map weblogs, details of which are included in the 'Blogs Archives'. From 2004, The Map Room has included specific archive sections, e.g. for 'Antique maps' and 'Exhibitions'. Other blogs worth watching are listed on the 'Other Topics' page under Weblogs.

For news about auctions (both future and past) see the appropriate section of Marketplace.

News about forthcoming and past events is found in the subject's various journals and newsletters, see particularly:

Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography is the subject's journal of record. Its 'Chronicle' section provides information about the previous year, under the following headings:-

  1. Personal news; Prizes and Awards; Research Fellowships; Recent Doctorates
  2. Conferences and meetings
  3. Institutional and general news
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Notable acquisitions
  6. Unusual items that have come up for sale
Information is supplied to the 'Chronicle' Editor by 27 national representatives. However, he is grateful to receive news from anybody.

Contact: Tony Campbell, 76 Ockendon Road, London N1 3NW, U.K.  

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